Me, doing the other thing that makes me happy.

Me, doing the other thing that makes me happy.

Clever Name Designs

This would be a good time to explain what’s going on. I make art and stuff. Designs and one-liners and patterns and illustrations and the like. Then i make them available on stickers, t-shirts, phone cases, all sorts of things. Had to write some stuff for Redbubble the other day, so i’ll paste that here as it’ll probably help.

It all started because the ideas were building up and had nowhere to go.

Having worked in the Design and Print industry for nearly 20 years, a lot of time had been spent carefully producing things for other people. There had been numerous personal projects along the way, but nothing that had any longevity.

Then, after returning from yet another long day carefully producing other people's work, and being too tired to fire up the home machine (again), the "you really should finish that and do something with it" thought bubbled to the surface for the umpteenth time.

This time was not going to be like the others; this time would be different. This time the machine was started and something actually got finished. And, better still, something was done with it. The floodgates had opened…

This then is part of the ongoing results of not stopping at "that's quite funny, I should put that on a t-shirt", and continuing all the way to "I should probably get a website or something for this".

Which is where you came in. So now we’re all caught up. Have a look around, i’ve got quite a bit of stuff available so there’s a reasonable chance you’ll find something you like. All the links take you directly to who ever you can buy the thing from, it’s all straight forward and secure and that. Nice. I hope you like what you see :)